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Mark E. Curry Family Foundation donates $105K to First Response Emergency Medical Services

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The Mark E. Curry Family Foundation (MECFF) recently donated $105,000 to First Response Emergency Medical Services Inc. (FREMS) to support its efforts of providing rescue and first response services in the San Juan metropolitan area and neighboring towns in Puerto Rico.

Since 1991, FREMS and its licensed volunteers have offered lifesaving services when medical emergencies occur in the San Juan metropolitan area. The donation from MECFF, which was the largest in FREMS’ nearly 30-year history, will allow the organization to keep their physical headquarters.

This physical space is crucial to FREMS operations as it’s where they store emergency vehicles and equipment, as well as their administrative office.

“Last week, thanks to the generosity of MECFF, FREMS received our highest donation ever,” said FREMS President Richard Morrell. “This contribution secured the building that houses our units, equipment and operational facilities by means of the payoff toward a loan contracted several years ago.”

FREMS has become the largest volunteer EMS and Rescue Organization on the island. With nearly 40 state-licensed paramedics, they are able to operate two fully stocked rescue trucks, that include hydraulic jaws of life extrication equipment, vertical rescue, advanced life support and aquatic rescue, among others.

“The grant given to FREMS has perpetuated the necessary community services we offer, as well as recognizes our volunteers in their 30 year lifesaving effort,” Morrell said. “FREMS can now focus on the main task at hand, saving lives.”

The Mark E. Curry Family Foundation supports local organizations on the island with a mission to serve vulnerable and underprivileged communities. This initiative with FREMS aligns with MECFF’s vision and goals to help local nonprofits in Puerto Rico, the organization said.

“At the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation, we work hard to give back to Puerto Rico by supporting local nonprofits on the island who serve those in need,” said Mark E. Curry, Founder of the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation.

“We strongly believe that it’s our responsibility to give back to those who are protecting and serving us by enabling them to do so safely and effectively,” he said.

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