We raised $272,706 for Puerto Rico Relief. Thank you!

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Puerto Rico is suffering an unprecedented natural disaster and humanitarian crisis. 

Please help support Puerto Rico's recovery.  One month after Hurricane María devastated the Island, Puerto Ricans are still in need basic of services. Food. Water. Electricity. Medicines.  That is why the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation is working to raise funds to provide for the island. 

We are mobilizing to provide resources to Puerto Rico’s most fragile populations - children, the homeless, and the ill and elderly.  

And we need your help. NOW. Please consider a donation, processed securely using Stripe. 

To find out more about how your donations will be used, please visit our page "Groups We Support." 


Listen to founder Mark E. Curry on the 10/09/2017 Jay Fonseca Show:


To find out more about how your donations will be used, please visit our page "Groups We Support." 

Why the Urgency?

  • 85% of the Island is still without power.
  • Drinking water is not available to all citizens.
  • Communications are not fully operational Island-wide
  • Hospitals are not at full working capacity, many running on generators due to lack of power. 
  • Thousands of miles of roads are still blocked from debris, closing access to communities.  

What Makes Us Different? 

  • No administrative overhead. 100% of all funds raised (other than payment processing fees) go to the causes we support. 

  • We are on the ground in Puerto Rico. The staff and volunteers of Mark E. Curry Family Foundation are in Puerto Rico, and we are able to assess and quickly react to the changing needs of the community. 

  • Experience: Unlike large international charities, we have always focused on working with the groups that bring maximum impact to the local community. 

About Us: 

The Mark E. Curry Family Foundation is a private, independent family foundation established in 2015 by entrepreneur, fintech pioneer, and Puerto Rico resident Mark E. Curry, and his family. The Foundation is built upon the belief that ensuring the well-being of children and families is America’s most important investment.

Grants of the Mark E. Curry Family Foundation reflect the diversity of interests of the board of directors of the Foundation. The Foundation supports programs in the areas of education, domestic violence prevention, foster care, gender equality, health care, LGBT rights, economic development, Native American causes and cultural preservation and more. The support we provide assists non-profits in the United States of America and its territories, as well as Native Sovereign Nations.

The Foundation funds research projects, media initiatives, special programs, capital improvement, general operations and events. Each year The Foundation hosts “Club Curry,” a fundraising gala to benefit one specially selected grantee. Club Curry is typically held in the fall in different locations across the United States. Previous Club Curry events have been held in Las Vegas (2010, 2011 and 2012), Kansas City (2014) and Puerto Rico (2016 & 2017).